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Mixing And Mastering

About Me 

I started my career in 1972 at Clover Studios in Sydney, Australia
recording Radio and TV commercials before moving on to work at EMI
Australia where I was charged with cassette mastering and, in 1974, vinyl disc mastering.
By 1975 my focus was recording engineering.
Since 1977, as a freelance audio professional specialising in audio
mixing and mastering services, I have delivered high-quality results for a diverse range of clients, including notable artists and musicians such as Slim Dusty, Don Walker, Anne Kirkpatrick,The Whitlams, Felicity Urquhart, Dean Perrett, Sam McNally, Jhal duPaul, 50 Million Beers, Spy v Spy, Lynda Manwaring and more.

"Our Studios have had a great experience working with Michael on
several projects. He takes great care in listening to the needs of our audio projects and has welcomed any feedback, ultimately creating a product for our clients of world class quality. We can recommend him highly
Pat ODonnell ( Owner and Producer, Rolling Wheel Studios - Australia )

"I have had the pleasure of Michael mixing and mastering my first two albums, 'Solitary Emu Blues' and 'Some Kind of Life'. The results were of the highest quality.
He created a perfect balance of sounds and textures through careful attention to detail and his intimate knowledge of each client's musical approach to music.
David Cotterill ( Recording Artist Dr D )


"With my extensive experience and expertise, you can trust that I can provide you with professional and top-quality audio mixing and mastering services"

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This Policy was updated on 15 - April - 2023
This Policy was updated on 15 - April - 2023
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