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About Me 

I started my career in 1972 
recording radio and TV commercials at Clover Studios in Sydney Australia, 
before moving on to work at EMI Australia, where I was charged with cassette mastering then in 1974 I also did vinyl disc mastering.
By 1975 my focus was recording engineering. 
Since 1977, I have worked as a freelance audio professional, specialising in audio
mixing and mastering services, I have delivered high-quality results for a
diverse range of clients, including notable artists and musicians such
as Slim Dusty, Don Walker, Anne Kirkpatrick,The Whitlams, Felicity
Urquhart, Dean Perrett, Sam McNally, Jhal duPaul, 50 Million Beers, Spy
v Spy, Lynda Manwaring and more.

With my extensive experience and expertise, you can trust that I can provide you with professional and top-quality audio mixing and mastering services

"A pleasure to work with Michael, He understands the brief on each project, Is very fast at his job, stays in touch with our studio on any feedback or changes required, No fuss, Top quality work. We can highly recommend him"
Pat ODonnell ( Owner and Producer, Rolling Wheel Studios - Australia )

"I have had the pleasure of Michael mixing and mastering my first two albums, 'Solitary Emu Blues' and 'Some Kind of Life'. The results were of the highest quality.
He created a perfect balance of sounds and textures through careful attention to detail and his intimate knowledge of each client's musical approach to music."
David Cotterill ( Recording Artist Dr D )

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